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I have a great deal of experience in tertiary educational institutions in the United States, Aruba, Colombia, Dubai, UAE, and in my present position as Associate Professor, Discipline Lead in Tourism & Hospitality Management with RMIT University Vietnam. I am part of the University of Aruba, the island of Aruba, and the Caribbean and Latin America regions in 2018 and beyond. In addition, I have gained broad teaching and research experience, and extensive tutoring and mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students conducted in many languages (English, Dutch, Papiamento, and Spanish).  I firmly believe that the core function of higher education is to maximize opportunities for the people who study and work in them and for this reason, plan around a student-centered ideology. I am one of the architects in developing the curriculum for the Tourism & Hospitality Management Program for a university. I have experience with program accreditations and stakeholders training and networking.

During my career, I have gained extensive experience in teaching hospitality and tourism/business management courses related to organizational leadership, customer service, lodging, strategic management and marketing, operations, research methodology, tourism policy planning, and human resource management. My Ph.D. education allowed me to focus on core courses such as Research Methodologies, Hospitality, and Critical HR Issues. In addition, I looked at areas of specialization and research that included Strategies and Tactics in Lodging, Guest Service Management, Travel and Tourism, and Foodservice.

I have the ability to assume significant responsibility for leading, teaching, and research, in particular in the field of hospitality and tourism/business management. I would enjoy the challenge of conducting direct research with students, serving on committees, and the leadership roles that would allow me to contribute to scholarship and publishing in tier journals. In addition, I am able to participate in planning and coordinating undergraduate and graduate programs and to contribute to college service activities and professional societies.

I have professional managerial work experiences within the public and private sectors. I was employed as an Accountant, HR and Food and Beverage Service Manager in my father’s businesses which gave me great training for the positions I have subsequently held.  In addition, as a scholarship recipient, I worked as a Public Relations Officer for the government of Aruba (Dutch Caribbean) which allowed me to gain my first international experience in the USA.

I am a highly critical thinker, creative, analytical, hard-working and self-motivated. My dedication to a job well done and a firm belief in honesty, integrity, and respect have been recognized by my colleagues and students. I have the desire to share my experience and knowledge in a supportive environment, and I am committed to ongoing professional development and teamwork and network.